Identifies Particle Quantity and Size from 0.5µm to 100µm diameter.

It operates with both flowing and in-situ liquids.




Measures Particle Quantity and Size from 0.5µm to 100µm diameter. AC or Battery operated, for both Insitu and flowing liquids, oil and water.



The HPC600 handheld laser particle counter is the latest innovation in the demanding application of airborne particle counting. It is useful in counting particles in ultra-clean environment by its single particle counting ability. The instrument consists of a handheld set with a main base unit that allows users to conduct the sampling with a handheld set while easily expanding to multiple functionalities with a base unit. These extended functions include data downloading, data real-time printing, software upgrading, battery charging, and remote sampling. In addition to USB and RS232 interfaces, the RJ45 interface allows users to conduct the remote sampling away from the sampling location.



This instrument provides rapid precise qualitative analysis of all the major elements, using a unique film comparison technique. Semi-quantitative analysis is obtained by the use of "identification" and "elimination" films and special "lines of maximum sensitivity." Liquids as well as solids can be analyzed.