Edwards nXDS Scroll Vacuum Pumps  


 The Kurt J Lesker Company distributes Fomblin (PFPE) inert fluids for diffusion and mechanical vacuum       pumpssilicone fluids for diffusion pump, and Santovac for the lowest ultimate vacuums using diffusion         pumps. We supply the popular Apiezon hydrocarbon greases and vacuum lubricant and, in                 addition, silicone and Fomblin inert greases. For vacuum sealing, we offer epoxy-based and silicone-         based materials. We offer Galden heat transfer fluids for closed loop chiller systems.

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In addition to materials used in sputtering applications, we also serve a large number of customers who utilize evaporation techniques to deposit thin films. We currently stock a wide variety of evaporation materials in various sizes, shapes and quantities, available for immediate shipment. The range of materials offered is extensive, including pure metals, precious metals, standard alloys, oxides, nitrides, and fluorides. The materials can be packaged for the small quantity user, as well as, for the large volume production customer.




  • KJLC's most affordable deposition system platform, designed specifically with the entry to mid – level user in mind.
  • Typically used in the university & government lab R&D environment.
  • The NANO 36 can be configured to accommodate thermal evaporation or magnetron sputtering techniques.
  • The combination of capability & affordability makes the NANO 36 one of our most utilized system platforms




Since the development of our first patented TORUS® Magnetron Sputter Source in the early 1980’s, our aggressive ongoing R&D efforts have advanced to thermal evaporators for both inorganic and organic materials, electron-beam evaporators in flange-mount and service well configurations, ion beam sources for assisted deposition, RF inductive evaporators for aluminum, and numerous other sources for deposition. Today, more than ever, we remain a leading manufacturer of circular & linear sputtering cathodes for R&D and production applications under our own TORUS® brand, setting industry standards for utilization and uniformity.



Understanding process equipment starts with in-depth knowledge of the tools for which they were developed. Our offering includes equipment that measures, records, and controls vacuum processes. We offer crystal monitors to measure deposition rate and film thickness, mass flow meters and controllers for a variety of gasses and condensable vapors, as well as power supplies used for thin film processes including sputtering, plasma etching, and thermal evaporation. Trust The Kurt J. Lesker Company® for top quality equipment and the experience to make sure it fits your application.



In the beginning of this section we offer complete sub-assembly packages that consist of a chamber, frame (hoist where applicable), both high vacuum and backing pump, gauging, valves, and load lock assemblies. The technical notes below focus on the individual components offered in the remainder of this section that are not included elsewhere in the catalog. These include both bakeout and sample heaters, load locks, and chamber frames.