Available in various compositions suitable for different bonding conditions demanded by package designs.



As essential material for semiconductor manufacture that connects lead and silicon chips to transmit eletrical signals. A fine wire that is about 1/4 the thickness of hair and requires high-strength ultra precision technology and a special technology to endure high temperatures for a long time.



An electronic solder part that part attaches semiconductor chips, circuit , modules, and PCB boards in high-integration packaging technologies of BGA (Ball Grid Array) , CSP (Chip Scale Package) , and WLCSP (Wafer Level CSP) to transmit electrical signals. Comes with differentmelting points from 180° to 220° and guarantees excellent electrical/mechanical properties.


       New alternative material for bonding wire
  • Stable bonding is possible in N2 gas.
  • High luminous intensity in LED pkg
  • Excellent



It is a cost-saving product to replace highly expensive Au wire and delivers outstanding electrical properties and mechanical strength.


       Au-Ag alloy has low electrical conductivity. Great for nand memory PHG , etc.