This is a fully automatic laser marker for molded lead feames or substrates for device marking.Input can be either stack magazine or slot magazine or both. EO's BIV (built-in vision) ensures accurate mark placement accuracy.


       MGF series is the state of the art laser marking system up to 4beams in marking process. This unique multi-beam laser marking technology is patent protected and guarantees the highest productivity through doubled UPH. The MGF series is featured with independent marking for logo,serialized number and barcode (1D & 2D ) by multi scanning system with maximzed laser ilfetime and throughput.


       SLD series is configured with a highly advanced diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser with high speed, low operating cost & superior beam quality for marking on moding compound. The SLD series can be configured as single-head or dual-head with optional second harmonic green (SHG) laser.


       PEM-263GM (PCB error marking system) is designed to mark on strip PCB. PEM-263GM features a high productivity with 2 sets of laser marker, 4 sets of moving shuttle and high quality inspection vision systems.