Process Control Systems

The only dedicated end point determination tool for ion etch control and optimum process quality.

  • End point Analysis.
  • Target Impurity Determination.
  • Quality Control / SPC.
  • Residual Gas Analysis.
  • Leak Detection

The IMP is a differentially pumped, ruggedized secondary ion mass spectrometer for the analysis of secondary ions and neutrals from the ion mill process, featuring:

  • High Sensitivity SIMS / MS with Pulse Ion Counting Detector.
  • Triple filter Quadrupole, 300 amu mass range is standard.
  • Differentially Pumped Manifold With Mounting Flange to Process Chamber.
  • Ion Optics with Energy Analyser and integral ioniser.
  • Penning Gauge and interlocks to provide over pressure protection.
  • Data System with integration to the process tool.
  • Stability (less than ±0.5% height variation over 24 h).
  • MASsoft control via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet LAN.
  • Programmable DDE, Parallel Digital I / O, RS232 Scripting Communication.


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