Plasma Diagnostics and Plasma Characterisation

The most advanced and reliable Langmuir Probe available for

  • Etching / Deposition / Cleaning Plasma Processes
  • Pulsed plasma operation.
  • Ion collection (Ni & Gi)
  • Electron retardation (Te & EEDF)
  • Electron collection (Ne).
  • Plasma Potential.
  • Debye Length, floating potential
  • Ion flux

The ESPion advanced Langmuir probe for rapid, reliable and accurate plasma diagnostics for industry and academia, featuring:

  • 15 scans per sec acquisition rate with D-O-E interface for auto, semi or manual analyses.
  • Hiden pioneers in passive RF compensation, ESPion has the highest blocking impedance of any commercially available unit (4.25MOhm at 13.56 MHz cf. 100kOhm).
  • Gas cooled multi-inductor chain for high temperature plasma operation is user replaceable for tuning to other frequencies.
  • reference probe compensates for low frequency effects e.g. shift in the plasma potential (e.g. anodised chamber walls) or noise (e.g. power supply).
  • ESPion the fastest pulsed plasma specifications of any commercial probe, ESPsoft contains all necessary gating circuitry as standard.
  • 300, 600 or 915mm auto linear drive options, interlocked isolation valve, 90° probes, combined linear – rotary drives options available.
  • Self-cleaning cycle to limit probe tip contamination.
  • ESPsoft control via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet LAN.


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