Solder Ball

What is Solder Ball?

An electronic solder part that part attaches semiconductor chips, circuit , modules, and PCB boards in high-integration packaging technologies of BGA (Ball Grid Array) , CSP (Chip Scale Package) , and WLCSP (Wafer Level CSP) to transmit electrical signals. Comes with differentmelting points from 180° to 220° and guarantees excellent electrical/mechanical properties.

In early years, solder balls were mostly made of Sn (tin)-Pb (lead) alloy, but because of environmental restrictions over 95% of raw materials used for solder alloys are lead(Pb)-free with less than 0.1% lead content.

Major Charateristics of MKE Solder Ball

  • Excellent resistance against oxidation in reflow process.
  • Excellent properties when wet.
  • Consistently sized solder balls
  • Excellent roundness
  • Strong durability of bonding

Solder Ball Features & Size trend

  • Size Spec.

                                                        Sizes and allowances of solder balls may be adjusted as requested.
  • Solder Ball Size trend
    As many digital devices, including mobile phones , digital cameras , and MP3 players are becoming smaller, the size of solder balls are also becoming smaller.


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