Discrete Device Test System (431-TT)

The Model 431-TT is Tesec’s newest DC Parametric Test System which employs a new Architecture with V/I Source Measurement Modules. 
The 431-TT is designed for Power Device testing and features high-speed test measurement and data capture, parallel device testing and an on-screen Waveform Monitor.
・VI Source Measure Modules Structure
・Measurable up to 1.2 kV per 130A 
    (maximum. 2.2 kV per 200A)
    on the main unit
・High Speed Measurement
・Multi-device test (2 DUT simultaneous
    measurement of 2 in 1 devices and etc.)
・Wafer parallel test (2-chip simultaneous 
・On Screen Waveform Monitor
・High Current Unit, High Voltage Unit as option

 Iteml   Specifications
 Applicable Devices Tr, FET, IGBT, Diode, Sic / GaN, etc.
Polarity NPN / PNP, N / P Channel
Voltage 1.2KV / 2.2kV (8kV as external option unit)
Current 65A, For C-E 130A / 200A
(1,200A as external option unit)
Test Mode / Analog Unit 2  Parallel & 2 Serial (Max)
Number of Analog Unit 2 (Max)
Test Item 999
Sort Item 250
Resolution (Bias) 4 digits
Resolution (Measure)  5 digits

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