Sophisticated Gravity Tri-temp Handler (4330-IH)

4330 IH

  4330-IH is a sophisticated gravity tri-temp handler, and its large capacity chamber is suitable to environment measurement for Power device such as TO220, D-PAK, D2-PAK, DIP.

High UPH(8000pcs) is accomplished by integrating 8(Max) test units (when socket contactor used) with TO220 and D2PAK running. High temperature accuracy ±2℃ is also realized in the temperature range of Low temp(-50℃~0℃) as well as High Temp(50℃~150℃).


・High current testing using Tesec original contactors
・Integrate a cooling function for a prevention of 
 heat deformation, and a heat-up function for dew condensation
・Integrate Tube Opener for fail-less loading
・Control of Ambient Temperature is possible

Model 4330-IH
Applicable Package TO220,D-PAK,D2-PAK,DIP
Carrier Type Tube
Max Throughput(pc/h) 8,000 UPH/ x8   (Soak Time include 120s)
Cycle Time(s/pc) Parallel (x8 = 2x4) :1.3 Sec. ("End of Test" to "Test Start")
Test Station x8
Contactor Type Socket, Leaf Spring
Temperature -50 ~ 0C (Option -60℃~)
50~150C (+/-2C) (Option~175℃)
Feeding Stocker 260mm x 2
Sorting Auto x 2(1category), Manual x 4
Tester Interface TTL Parallel, GP-IB

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