Small signal device handler (4218-HT)

     4218-HT handler enables high speed measurement and taping small signal devices. High UPH and production efficiency are ensured by using 2 sets of high speed revolving table. This handler also features z axis-less handling system which is patent pending, 2-step alignment unit for device stress-less. Integration of laser marking system and vision system brings you high quality output (taping).



Model 4218-HT
 Applicant Device 1006~SO、D-PAK
 Max throughput(pcs/h) 45,000(SOT-23)
 Cycle time(s/pcs) 0.08(SOT-23)
 Test time(s) 0.04(SOT-23)
 Test station 1-4
 Contact type Leaf spring
 Sort(max) 14
 Loader Bowl feeder, Tube
 Unloader Tape 1, Bin 12, Tube


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