MAP Sorter (4605-HTR)

The 4605-HTR is the latest model of die sorting handler which dramatically improves the UPH as 30,000 from previous model 3905-HTR. 
The WLCSP requires high accuracy for vision inspection. Tesec prepares the latest vision system for the WLCSP.

4605-HTR is a MAP Sorter which picks up devices from wafer ring and sorts to tape or bin according to the MAP file created by film frame test handler or prober. 
4605-HTR is a high speed handling system, available for 12 inches wafer rings. When used in combination with 4170-IH, 4605-HTR much improves efficiency in testing process of leadless devices as a high speed sorting machine.

Model 4605-HTR
 Applicable Package WLCSP, WLP, QFN, DFN, CSP, BGA, BCC, LLP,
Bare die, KGD (Known Good Die), TD(Tested die)
 Applicable Ring Size 8 / 12 inch
Max Throughput (pc/h)* 30,000
 Cycle Time (s/pc) 0.12
 Feeding 1 cassette (25 wafer rings)
 Sorting Tape and Reel 1, Bin
Vision Inspection system 6side, In-Pocket, Post Seal
* Please contact us for the detail specification.
*Theoretical throughput disregarding ring replacement. The value differs by device matrix on strip. 

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