DPS Series Current Reversing Switch

  • Add-on current reversing switch for the MicroStar DC, XL and LFP Series power supplies
  • Switch is built internally for models with output less that 1,000 watts
  • Switch is built as a stand-alone box for models with output greater that 1,000 watts
  • Output levels and direction timing controlled via the MicroStar Interface
  • Independently set Forward and Reverse current levels
  • Independently set Forward and Reverse duration time
  • Duration time selectable: 0000 - 9999 seconds or minutes
  • Typical installation is custom designed to fit each end-user's application
  • Installations include models ranging from 10 amps to 2000 amps

           The installation at right shows a custom application where two MicroStar LFP 1,000 amp DC power supplies were connected in parallel and bussed through a 2000 amp reversing switch. All three modules were bolted together and then mounted in a custom steel rack. The MicroStar Interface is mounted in the reversing switch enclosure and provides control for both output modules. This custom application gave the end-user both pulse capabilities and reverse current capabilities.


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