We, Daiichi Sekio offers high quality mold which is superior in durability & compatibility. Our mold is fabricated by ultra precision machining. Molding technologies such as Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar (HFC), Vacuum Assisted Molding (VAM) and Substrate Vacuum Technology (SVT) can be equipped as option. We offer the most advanced packaging technologies.


  • Excellent compatibility :
    Chases are interchangeable between SP80N/120N, DP80/120, Elf, Dual, Lab80/120 and sa120.
  • Molding capability of high-density type L/F :
    Max 75mmx 270mm of L/F size can be accommodated on the mold.
    Also, 4 strips of L/F can be placed on one chase.
  • Option :
    Our specific original molding technologies such as Pin Point Gate Molding (PPG), Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar (HFC), Vacuum Assisted Molding Substrate Vacuum Technology
    The best mold coating solution for green compound is also available as option.


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