GP-PRO sf40 1 strip type Auto Molding System


This is 1 strip type Auto Molding System which is suitable for high-mix low-volume production. Superior cost performance & easy maintenance. This system can meet wide range of customer's needs applying various options.


  • Cost Performance:
    Very good cost performance for R&D and high-mix low-volume production.
  • Plug & play:
    Easy level adjustment & set-up materialized quick transition to actual production.
    System can be moved by one person using attached wheels for the set-up.
  • 40 tons of clamping force:
    40 tons of clamping force is applied for sf40, 1 strip type AMS. Come up with the solution for High-density L/F. (Max. 75mm x 270mm)
  • Easy maintenance :
    All of units are placed at accessible position for easy maintenance.
  • Minimized foot print:
    Press, Input, Output & Degator unit are placed surrounding the loader in the center and this efficient units' layout materialized this small footprint system.
  • Wide variety of options:
    PPG (Pin Point Gate Molding), HFC (Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar),VAM (Vacuum Assisted Molding), FAM (Film Assisted Molding) These all options can be equipped on GP-PRO sf40 and no exclusive/specialized system is required. Each option can be added later after the installation.


Machine time 22 sec. (Approx.)
Clamp Force 40 ton
Clamp Method AC-Servo Motor Drive
Machien size W : 1200mm, L : 1100mm, H : 1820mm
Weight 2.5 ton (Approx.)
Max. Leadframe size 75mm x 270mm


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