GP-PRO SP is the mass production type Auto molding system which is functionable and easy maintenance. It has expandability and 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 strips type are available. Press has 80 ton, 120 ton & 170 ton types and chase & CV kit has general versatility (compatibility) between 80 tons type & 120 tons type. Molding technologies such as Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar (HFC),Pin Point Gate Molding (PPG), Vacuum Assisted Molding (VAM),Film Assisted Molding (FAM) can be equipped as option. (These are all built-in ) This GP-PRO SP series is the system which has strong application for BGA / QFN package.


80 ton press / chase 120 ton press / chase
GP-PRO2 SP80N (1 press) GP-PRO2 SP120N (1 press)
GP-PRO4 SP80N (2 press) GP-PRO4 SP120N (2 press)
GP-PRO6 SP80N (3 press) GP-PRO6 SP120N (3 press)
GP-PRO8 SP80N (4 press) GP-PRO8 SP120N (4 press)
  GP-PRO8 SP170 (4 press)



  • There is lineup of 2/4/6/8 strips type to conform your production volume.
  • Vision checking function is provided as standard feature for the L/F kind checking & L/F orientation checking.
  • Strong mold cleaning & compound particles vacuum function.
  • Chase & CV kit are interchangeable between GP-PRO &SP80N and SP120N.
  • Touch panel: Two languages are selectable from Japanese, English, Chinese (both simplified & traditional Chinese are available)
  • Inline with other systems such as wire-bonding system, &PMC (Post mold cure system)etc are possible.
  • Wide variety of options:
    PPG (Pin Point Gate Molding), HFC (Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar), VAM (Vacuum Assisted Molding), FAM (Film Assisted Molding),MPH (Moving Pre-heater unit).
    These all options can be equipped on GP-PRO SP SERIES and no exclusive/specialized system is required. Each option can be added later after the installation.
  • Max pre-heating time is secured very effectively by &Moving Pre-heater unit (MPH)
  • Tablet supplying method is selectable either Magazine
  • &type or Bowl feeder type.


Machine time 20 sec. (Approx.)
Clamp Force 80 ton & 120 ton / Press
Clamp Method AC-Servo Motor Drive
Machien size & weigh  
 PRO2 SP80 : W:2780 L:1520 H:1820 / 5.5 ton
 PRO4 SP80 : W:3460 L:1520 H:1820 / 7.5 ton
 PRO6 SP80 : W:4140 L:1520 H:1820 / 9.5 ton
 PRO8 SP80 : W:4820 L:1520 H:1820 / 11.5 ton
 PRO2 SP120 : W:2880 L:1520 H:1820 / 6.5 ton
 PRO4 SP120 : W:3660 L:1520 H:1820 / 9.5 ton
 PRO6 SP120 : W:4440 L:1520 H:1820 / 12.5 ton
 PRO8 SP120 : W:5220 L:1520 H:1820 / 15.5 ton
 PRO8 SP170 : W:4900 L:1520 H:1820 / 15.0 ton
Max. Leadframe size 75mm x 270mm (80 & 120 ton)
  110mm x 300mm (170 ton)


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