Wafer Parallel Test System (471-TT)

The new 471-TT is a DC tester with a new concept that realizes simultaneous measurement of plural chips in the wafer process by utilizing measurement technology which we have been accumulating for many years. We have also succeeded to our high-voltage and current measurement technology as one of our advantages.  By measuring plural chips simultaneously, we can achieve a significant improvement in productivity compared to conventional testers.
 471 TTD4716 HBPC
  Iteml   Specifications
 Applicable Devices Tr, FET, IGBT, Diode etc.
 Polarity NPN / PNP, N/P Channel
 Voltage 2kV
 Current 20A
 Parallel Test  471-TT/S
16 (Photo)
 Test Stations 1 Station
 Test Item 500
 Sort Item 250
 Resolution (Bias) 3 digits
 Resolution (Measure) 4 digits

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