Thermal Resistance Tester (4324-KT 4334-KT)

The KT series testers measure thermal resistance characteristics of transistors, diodes, MOSFETs and IGBTs.
It can also measure the Safe Operation Area of these devices. Contact check is pretested to ensure precise measurement.
The tester is equipped with device protection circuit to prevent device damage at the start of an avalanche.
・Multi test function
・Max 60 test program memory capability
・Contact check/Short Check
・Oscillation Detection/Device Protection Circuit

Software Options
・Test control software by PC
  (Creating test programs, Data collections, counter)
・Characteristic curve indication software per device.

Model 4324-KT 4334-KT
 Forcing Voltage
1- 200V
 Forcing Current(IE/IDS)  00.001- 50.000A  0.01- 10.00A
 Measuring Current(IM) 1- 100mA 1- 400mA(△VCE) 1 - 100mA
 Power Forcing Time(PT)  300us- 9.99s 300us - 400ms 
 Delay Time(DT) 10 - 999us
 Lower Limit 000.0 - 999.9mV , 0000 - 9999mV
 Upper Limit 000.0 - 999.9mV , 0000 - 9999mV
 Measurement Range VBE1/VDS1/VGS1/VF1/[VCE(4324-KT)] : 0000 - 9999mV
△VBE/△VDS/△VGS/△VF/[△VCE(4324-KT)] : 000.0 - 999.9mV (Resolution 0.1mV)

                                                                          0000 - 9999mV (Resolution 1mV)


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