Diffusion Pump Oil


Lubricant-free within the vacuum envelope and hermetically sealed means a totally clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination.
Advanced scroll-form and tip-seal technologies deliver best in-class vacuum performance and unrivaled ultimate vacuum levels.
Unique tip seal design significantly reduces wear to minimize maintenance and extend service life.
Quiet operation with typical noise during operation < 52 dB(A) for minimal environmental impact.
Advanced interface providing a variety of traditional and analogue and digital control methods enabling remote control/monitoring via RS232 or RS485.
Integrated inverter drive with auto sensing input delivers optimized pumping performance globally.


Models Features:

nXDS-C has been modified so that it is more suitable for use on vapour handling processes and may be used in some applications involving corrosive substances. This chemically resistant version is fitted with Chemraz® internal valves and stainless steel fittings.
nXDS-R Version has the gas ballast blanked off so it cannot be accidentally opened. This is useful for applications such as rare gas recirculation or gas recovery.

Equipped with patented technology that prevents over-compression within the scroll mechanism at high operational pressure and large throughput applications.

Twin by-pass valves release sufficiently compressed gas directly to the pump exhaust, increasing efficiency, lowering power consumption and enhancing pumping speed.
Valve operation occurs at inlet pressures greater than 300 mbar, making this pump tailored to applications that dwell at higher pressures.
The elimination of over-compression at high operational pressure, reduces power consumption and diminishes bearing loads, extending bearing live.


- Backing turbomolecular pumps
- Chamber evacuation
- Chemical applications including gel dryers and solvent recovery
- Electron microscopy
- High energy physics
- Mass spectrometry