PC-2200 Laser Particle Counter


The new "slim-line" PC-2200 functions exactly like the

PC-2000 but has improved electronics and weighs

only 6 lbs, less than half that of the PC-2000.



Utilizing the principle of "near angle light scatter", a revolving laser beam passes through the walls of a glass container of a flow-thru cell. When it is directed through a central "sensitive zone" the PC-2200 not only counts the particles in suspension, but tabulates their size as well. The analog signals generated by the light pulses are routed to a computer and digitized.

Optical Schematic of the Laser Particle Counter Detailed Laser optics
Optical Schematic of the Laser Particle Counter Detailed Laser optics


Spectrex provides three sealed calibration standards with each unit. Each standard contains a precise number of NIST traceable polystyrene microspheres of known size and are suspended in clean diluent. Calibration is efficient and can be completed within 10 minutes.


  • Water Treatment Plants
  • University Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Oil Refineries and On-site drilling
  • Bottling & Beverage Operations
  • Oceanographic Studies
  • Hydraulic Fluids and Oil QC
  • Liquid Chromatography Solvent QC
  • Cooling Tower and Waste Water Filter Efficiency
  • Particle Agglomeration Studies
  • Silts and Sediment Sizing
  • Particle Settling Characteristics
  • Corrosive Chemical and Solvent Sizing
  • Vial and Ampule Inspection
  • De-ionized Water and Acid Testing
  • Cell Counting


Developed by Spectrex, the custom interfacing electronics and proprietary software provide an easy means of analyzing and saving data generated by the PC-2200. SuperCount provides instant sizing information and histogram of size distribution in addition to indicating:

  • Absolute Counts
  • Mean Size
  • Mass Distribution
  • Percentage Distribution
  • Standard Deviation
  • Total Suspended Solids

The dilution factor can be automatically computed to give absolute count for liquids as dense as sludge! SuperCount also is loaded with a special bonus program for hydraulic fluids and Phi classifications.


Opacity Meter
Opacity Meter - provides an instantaneous measurement of the sample's opacity to correlate with computer calculations
  Small Vial
Small Vial Attachment - for use with 5ml vials or ampules
  Flow-Thru Cell
Flow-Thru Cell - Spectrex stocks various sizes of flow-thru cells and can manufacture cells to customer specifications. Cells are also available for testing at high pressure and temperatures.


  • Size: 4.75 " x 14 " x 4.5 " (height with Light Tight Cover is 5 ")
  • Typical bottle size: 15-60 mm inside diameter
  • Bottle Material: transparent, scratch-free glass
  • Weight: 6 lb.
  • Power: 115v 60Hz (230v optional)
  • Detectable Particle Size: from 0.5µm - 100µm

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