NANO 36 - Affordable, Compact, Entry to Mid-Level Deposition System


  • KJLC's most affordable deposition system platform, designed specifically with the entry to mid – level user in mind.
  • Typically used in the university & government lab R&D environment.
  • The NANO 36 can be configured to accommodate thermal evaporation or magnetron sputtering techniques.
  • The combination of capability & affordability makes the NANO 36 one of our most utilized system platforms


  • Thermal Evaporation Configuration
    Up to 3 thermal evaporation sources available in standard configuration
  • Magnetron Sputtering
    Up to 2 x HV magnetron sputtering sources available in standard configuration


  • Compact, modular, integrated system design
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system control with touch screen interface
  • FTM-2400 film thickness monitor or FTC-2800 film thickness controller options (FTC-2800C available for co-deposition applications)
  • Wet or dry rough pumping options
  • Diffusion or turbo high vacuum pumping options

Deposition Technique Options

  • Thermal Evaporation Configuration
    Glass bell jar (standard) or box chamber (upgrade) options
    3 x thermal evaporation sources with 3.3V/375A supply (power supply upgrades available)
  • Sputtering Configuration
    Box chamber standard
    (2) x 2"/3" or (1) x 4" Torus® circular magnetron sputtering sources
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