MEMS Handler (4664-IH)

The ULTRA P is a high performance production handler that provides thermal conditioning, full 6 DOF mechanical stimulus and an electrical ATE signal path for testing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Accelerometers and Gyroscopes.   

The system is intended for high volume device manufacturing test, allowing up to 96 devices to be tested in parallel, but may also be used for verification, validation, and device  engineering tasks.   

The ULTRA P is a revolutionary step forward in device handling, thermal, mechanical stimulus and electrical signal performance.   
・High UPH & Parallel Test Count
・Thermal Accuracy / Stability
・Aerospace Grade Rate / Position
・Signal Path Fidelity / Bandwidth
・Quick & Easy Change Kits
・Full 6 DOF Test Capability
・Magnetic Test Option
・Package Type: LGA, BGA, CSP
・Package Size: 2x2mm or larger
・UPH: 20,000~ at Ambient or Temp.

ULTRA P Feature Details
Input / Output JEDEC Tray 16 x Pick & Place Input / Output
Carrier  Size 136mm x 136mm x 5mm
5.35” x  5.35” x  0.20”
Device Pockets   2 to 96
Thermal Chamber Temp Range   -40°C to +125°C, standard
  -55°C to +150°C, option
Resolution  0.1°C
Accuracy ±1°C
Stability ±0.1°C
Heat Source Electric Coil, 5200 watts
Cold Source LN2, 20-40 PSI
TEMP Control PID Controller
Temp Measure User and Chamber Sensors
Rate Stimulus  Primary Axis -360° to +360°
Secondary Axis 0° to +90°
Third Axis 0° to +90°
 Constant Mode Accuracy ±15 Arc Seconds (.005°)
Repeatability ±5 Arc Seconds (.001°)
Rate Range .0005º/Sec² to 1000º/Sec²
Rate Accuracy ±0.01% of programmed value
 Sinusoidal  Acceleration 2,000º/Sec²
Speed Range 10 to 500º / second
Freq Range  1 to 20Hz
DUT IO  Number of Lines 400 standard, 50Ω
800 optional,  50Ω
Bandwidth 1.5GHz

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