4664 IH 3            The ULTRA P is a high performance production handler that provides thermal conditioning, full 6 DOF mechanical stimulus and an electrical ATE signal path for testing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Accelerometers and Gyroscopes. 


4170 IH             We, Tesec is now introducing the new Map handler model 4170-IH that is for the direct test of the leadless QFN, CSP devices after dicing on the wafer.As the device tesrting is on the wafer ring, and devices positioning(x y z θ)compensation before testing by the visual check system, the high accuracy of the devices positioning informationand the suitable probe-pin contact pressure are maintained for the stable testing and high speed indexing.This new model is upgraded as a succeeding machine of the previous model 3270-IH that improved the transfer accuracy and increased the widthstand load of the test section table, also able to handle the WLCSP as well as comply to multi-testing site and simultaneous (parallel) testing.


4605 HTR              The 4605-HTR is the latest model of die sorting handler which dramatically improves the UPH as 30,000 from previous model 3905-HTR. The WLCSP requires high accuracy for vision inspection. Tesec prepares the latest vision system for the WLCSP.


4380 IH            We, Tesec is now introducing the new strip frame testing handler model 4380 that is for ambient and hot temperature testing without singular the SOIC devices attachedin matrix format on the strip frame.The device positions(x y z θ) are compensated before testing by visual alignment function, so that high accuracy of the device positioning and probe-pin contactor pressure for all of the devices are maintained as firm for stable testing and high indexing.



    There are two types in LT4530 series according to requirement.


LT4530 is a state of the art model, which features a high throughput capability, eight sites, and high and low temperature measurements, and meets all high-frequence contact requirements. Complete measures to prevent jamming and lead deformation enable high availability. This model is highly regarded by top users around the world because of its high throughput and high reliability.


Featuring 4 sites and high temperature testing. Thorough JAM countermeasure of LT9900 is taken over to LT4530 to achieve high throughput.


4218 HT             4218-HT handler enables high speed measurement and taping small signal devices. High UPH and production efficiency are ensured by using 2 sets of high speed revolving table. This handler also features z axis-less handling system which is patent pending, 2-step alignment unit for device stress-less. Integration of laser marking system and vision system brings you high quality output (taping).


431 TT            The Model 431-TT is Tesec’s newest DC Parametric Test System which employs a new Architecture with V/I Source Measurement Modules.


4324 KT              The KT series testers measure thermal resistance characteristics of transistors, diodes, MOSFETs and IGBTs.